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Developed in September of 2016, the Veterans Service Alliance of Central Texas encompasses  a wealth of knowledge for Veterans, military members, and their families within the region, as 175+ individuals from over 70 partner agencies are involved. Through this coalition, Veteran Service Organizations have been able to collaborate together to assist countless families within the area.

Each year, an extensive brainstorming/needs assessment is conducted by VSACT members. These determinations move the group's priorities throughout the following calendar year.


While the focus is the Greater Fort Cavazos area, please reach out should you have questions pertaining to individuals within surrounding counties.

Needs of Community
  1. Financial Assistance Resources

  2. Transportation

  3. Emergency Housing / Homeless Resources

  4. Family-Friendly Veterans Events

  5. Continued Community Collaboration

Areas of Focus
  1. Connecting Veterans to Resources

  2. Recognizing Duplication/Gaps in Services

  3. Ensuring Focus Aligns with Veteran Needs

  4. Increasing Community Involvement

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